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This year we are excited to announce a special session in Mandarin, which is intended to incorporate a new view on Indian Ocean archaeology and to expand our research community. The session is being led by Professor Derek Kennet and Dr. Ran Zhang, with the assistance of Yiying Li of the organising committee, and will be hybrid, that is it will be in-person and online.

This session has three key aims:


The first is to develop communication between Chinese scholars working on the archaeology of Indian Ocean trade from a Chinese perspective and scholars in other parts of the Indian Ocean, in particular Western scholars working in the western Indian Ocean. Up to the present such communication has been relatively limited.


The second is to explore and try better to understand the degree of Chinese engagement in and influence on Indian Ocean maritime trade through the ages, in particular from the Tang to the Qing periods, in both the western and eastern parts of the Indian Ocean.


A third is to try to improve our chronological resolution of the archaeological deposits from all parts of the Indian Ocean through the study of Chinese trade ceramics. They are a type of ceramic which can often be accurately dated, and are found relatively frequently across the whole Indian Ocean world, and therefore have a potentially important role in helping to co-ordinate chronologies across the whole ocean.


For any enquiries about this session please email To apply to present, please submit an abstract of 200 words maximum, and with a title, and 5 key words. This should be sent in English and Mandarin.